If you were hoping for a mild winter, this is not the forecast you want to see.

We have already gotten a storm that dropped over 2 feet of snow, and now temperature outlooks for the next few months are leaning to the colder side. According to a Weather Channel report, colder air will be staying put over the northern part of the US, including Upstate New York, for most of the Winter. The colder air mass will linger from January through March, bringing temperatures that could be a bt colder than average. We will not necessarily be a completely frozen tundra, but it should be a touch colder than we are use to.

This is not earth shattering news here in the Capital Region, but I feel like we have lucked out the last couple winters being slightly warmer than normal. We have gotten plenty of snow, but it always feels like we get a break from the extended cold.

We'll have to see what happens this winter, but it seems like we could be in for a doozy as we have already started with the winter extremes before winter even officially starts!

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