Ok, maybe not life changing. But let's face it, life would be a lot different without these 5 local inventions.


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    Toilet Paper

    Lets face, this is a life changing invention. According to Toilet Paper History,  Seth Wheeler of Albany did not invent toilet paper itself, but he was the guy who put it on a roll and made it perforated. Genius!

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    Potato Chips

    Again, life would be very different without potato chips. What the heck would you eat with a sandwich without them? According to Zoom School, George Crum, the chef at Moon Lake Lodge, in 1853 made the first thinly sliced potatoes to annoy a customer who was complaining his french fries were too thick. The customer loved them, and so do we.

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    The Club Sandwich

    Let's face it, everything is better with bacon. And since potato chips were invented in Saratoga Springs, it's only fitting a great partner chips was invented there too: the club sandwich. NYUP says the club was first made at the Saratoga Club House gambling hall in 1853.

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    Credit: HASLOO Source: ThinkStock

    Santa Claus

    Full disclosure: we did not invemt Santa, but good 'ol Saint Nick did get his his start in America right here in Albany. He was imported from the Netherlands, and was first referenced here in the Van Rensselaer papers, according to the Times Union.

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    Passenger Railroad

    According to Albany.org, the Mohawk and Hudson River Railroad was the first of its kind to operate in America.

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