If you missed Pet Connection Today on the Sean and Richie Show, here is another chance for you to take a look at a couple of great pets up for adoption. Let's take a look at the pets featured today. Tune in every Thursday at 7:20am to hear the stories of two incredible (and adoptable!) pets.

Zeus, Pet Connection

Zeus and Cindy are 2 loving dogs that were rescued off of the streets of Albany by their mom who loved them with all of her heart and would have done anything for them.  Unfortunately, their young mom died unexpectedly last week and Zeus and Cindy have lost everything except each other. Within days of her death their mom’s family packed Zeus and Cindy in the back of a uhaul truck and dropped them off at Mohawk Hudson Humane Society.  Rottie Empire Rescue was notified of the situation by people at the Damien Center in Albany who loved these 2 dogs and their mom and were devastated by what was happening to them.

Cindy, Pet Connection

Zeus is a 5-6 year old male Rottweiler who is a gentle giant and is very confused right now as to what is happening to him.  He loves to play with his ball and is pretty good at fetch although he would prefer to just keep the ball after he has fetched it.  Cindy is a 2-3 year old Airedale terrier mix who has personality and spunk and is clearly the boss of the 2, although when you meet them it is apparent that Zeus is always watching over her.  Rottie Empire pulled these 2 from the shelter on Tuesday and they are currently at Milton Manor Pet Resort and Spa as all foster homes for the rescue are currently full.  They are being set up for proper assessments next week after they have had some time to get over the shock of their new reality.

If you are interested in these wonderful dogs please contact, Rottie Empire Rescue at 518-373-9622.

Both dogs will be available for meet and greet at Bensons Pet Center in Clifton Park on September 14 from 12-3