Social media is expanding and exploding by the day.  It's almost impossible to keep up with all.  The latest trend? Their own content. Ladies and gentlemen –you're about to enter YouTube Country.

According to an article over at USA Today.comYouTube has partnered with Greenlight Media and Marketing and has created the Country Now Channel.  They are starting off with 4 shows, and it could grow to as many as 8 in the coming year.  They spent, according to the article over $100 million dollars on this.

Here is a promo for it.

I guess they feel that there is a huge country music void on the site.  Maybe so.  I am rolling this one around in my head.  Could this be considered a threat to traditional radio?  Will people prefer to get their new music from YouTube versus listening to 'GNA?  Well, if you're an old-school thinker then the answer in your mind might be "yes", but I always remember what teachers told us years ago - when it comes to new technology, you either embrace, or it will replace.

Personally I think it could help us get even more exposure to how interesting  and diverse  country music has become.  They'll see it on YouTube, then they'll jump in the car and hear it on 'GNA, then they will watch CMT and see it again.  One could help the other and bring MORE popularity to the genre.

How do YOU feel about it?  Would love to see your comments below, but honestly, more power to the YouTubes.  Maybe Facebook will jump on board next!