Believe it or not, in some New York cities you used to need a permit to show your patriotism. Thankfully, the New York Senate has fixed this problem.

This is one of those stories where government nails it to right a wrong! According to News 10, the senate has passed legislation so cities and towns can no longer require a permit to recite the Pledge of Allegiance or sing the National Anthem. The senate acted after a school group visiting the 9/11 memorial was not allowed to sing the anthem because the did not have a permit.

My first reaction to this was WHAT???? What city or town would ever do this for any reason, especially in an out door place? Do we really need a law telling cities they could not do this, require a permit to sing the National Anthem in public? I believe this one is covered under the First Amendment. And I think the most shocking thing about this is where it happened - the 9/11 Memorial. If there was ever a place to show your love for our country without restraints, this is it.

But I love how the senate acted  on this one. We give those governing a hard time when we disagree with things, they should be commended in instances like this when they get it 100% right