We had an unexpected treat this past weekend. Our good friends George and Linda Dickie along with Dorrie  and I took a little ride up to Fort Edward, and we literally stumbled upon a GREAT wine tasting experience.  (We almost stumbled out too!)

It's called the Oliva Winery in the little Saratoga County town of Fort Edward.

photo by Richie Phillips

We met the owners, Debreen and Tony Oliva, and they were a fantastic source of information about -what else? - wines!  They have many varieties, and we had the chance to sample our share!

photo by Richie Phillips

To quote Billy Joel - "Bottle of red, bottle of white, it all depends upon your appetite".  They had all kinds of combinations. Way too many to list here, but whether you are into sparkling wines, dry wines, sweet wines, fruity wines, they really have it all.  The information they give you might make your head spin as much as the wine tasting itself!

photo by Richie Philips

It has a really nice atmosphere in there.  You can have small parties in the back room, plus they have all kinds of events going on there.  I know this sounds like a blatant advertisement.  I'm not being reimbursed with wine for the rest of my life for doing this or anything.

I just felt that they were a relatively new operation in the community and people should know about it, darn it, plus they were super nice people who listen to 'GNA all the time (or at least Debreen does.  We need to get Tony to come to his senses!)


You should check them out on Facebook for more info.  It was a real unexpected surprise and a good way to end the weekend.  Cheers!