Kevin Richards, Lou Roberts and I have deejayed  a SLEW of weddings in our day.  I personally have done about 25 years worth in every location imaginable - on boats, in backyards, in gorgeous hotels and some not so gorgeous ones.  But I'm sure if I asked the boys we'd all agree that this is a first

According to a fascinating article at, this lovely albeit redneck couple

Carina and Kodie Umphenour got their "redneck" on last Saturday.  They must have gone down to the local Army-Navy store, got fitted in their finest camouflage attire, and then moseyed on down to the  Hog Waller Mud Bog and ATV which according to the article : a mud pit and four-wheeling outdoor adventure park in Palatka, Fla. The bride made her way to the mud pit where the ceremony was performed in the back of a monster truck, down an "aisle" formed by other mud trucks lined up in formation.
If you'd like to read the entire article, you can go to and LYAO. Which leads us to today's poll question

Thanks for taking the time to answer.  Results to come. (Man, I'ld love to deejay that gig-just kidding!)