Facebook can be a person's closest friend, but it seems there are soldier impersonators that steal photos of soldiers and set up phony profiles on the social network.

The con artist will send a very endearing message to a woman, then request a check be sent to them. This is happening more and more. Apparently, these "fake" soldiers say they need money to buy special papers to come home on leave, get a special cell phone or laptop or some other bogus excuse. They are also using poorly edited papers, sent to the victims, with a blank space to fill in their social security number.

No army people have lost money due to the scam but according to A.P. there's a report of someone losing about $25 thousand.

If anyone who suspects they are being used in a scam to file a report with their local police and report the case to the Federal Trade Commission.

It's a horrible thought of anyone even thinking to do something like this.