A very bizarre story about a stolen iPad leads this week's tech talk, and we also explore an app for those of you who would rather play games than face reality - plus your question for your one stop technology shop - Computer Renaissance in Latham.

What happens when your iPad gets stolen and to make matters worse, the alleged thief start sending you pictures that she took using it?
That's exactly what happened to a gentleman from Little Rock Arkansas who was on a plane recently And accidentally left his iPad on it.
Little did she know there's a feature called iCloud on there- so  every time you she takes  a picture on your iPad it shows up on the owners other devices.  This must be extremely painful to have to go though, but he's actually got a good sense of humor about it.  Check this out
Again we are not 100% sure that she is the thief but she is the prime suspect!


There's a  site called called Cult of mac.com   lists this weeks must have apps. They talk about one called the Croods- It's based on the animated movie of the same name

It takes you back to" pre-hysterical "times where you have to trap and tame these weird  creatures that you've never seen in an encyclopedia before. like the Girelephant and the Molarbear
I have the trailer for the game on the website

http://youtu.be/NB0XRukaomQ -


Question of the week from Brian in Albany:  How do I browse privately on the internet?

Get to Computer Renaissance for all your computer questions and problems… Route 9 Newton Plaza in Latham… Call 220-4445  that’s 220-4445Our friends at Computer Renaissance say all browsers whether it be internet explorer, Firefox, safari or chrome have a private browsing feature you can enable. However, if someone has prying eyes & wants to dig deep for the history they still can. All private browsing really does is keep the sites you visit that are cached in the address bar from displaying in the drop down list.

Another option is to use C-cleaner to delete all of your tracks.  Visit www.piriform.com/ccleaner