Just about all day you will hear references to 4/20 either in person or on Facebook. Though I do not partake in the activities that have made this date famous I would be remiss if I didn't celebrate Country musics pioneer of all things GREEN, Mr Willie Nelson!!! Willie has been the butt of many weed jokes but the facts are the facts, He is awesome. So any excuse to post a few songs is good enough for me.

Let's start with his duet with Toby Keith "Beer For My Horses".



Okay now on to the classics. Willie isn't the only one to record this one but it's his version I think of every time I hear it. "Always On My Mind"



When Jack Daniels and I hang out too long I end up singing this one at the top of my lungs. "Whiskey River"



Any excuse to post "The Rainbow collection"



You can't do a Willie Nelson List without "On The Road Again"



Eh let's do one more willie and Merle "Pancho and Lefty"