I love country concerts. Inside or outside, any season of the year there is no such thing as a bad country concert. I will say though that the outside experience is always a little more fun for a few reasons.We will be outside with you this Saturday for the 1077 'GNA Summer Picnic on Saturday, August 25th with Skeeter Creek, Jason Michael Carroll, Greg Bates and Chris Cagle at the Saratoga County Fairgrounds on Prospect Street in Ballston Spa.


Here are the reasons think that outdoor shows are better than indoor shows for country music fans.

5. The atmosphere - when your outside and you're really loving a song you can get up and dance and don't have to worry if you spill something. LOL
4. Sound - Outside there are no concrete walls to bounce the sound around. It is just clean and pure.
3. Food Tastes Better - The concessions and types of food you can buy at an outdoor show are better, and being outside in the sunshine makes them tastes better.
2. Beer - It always tastes a little better outside in the open air. If you don't believe me have one tonight inside your house or apartment. Then head outside to your deck and sit in a lawn chair and drink another one. I bet you $20 the one on the deck tastes better!
1. Meeting Old Friends and Making New Ones - When you're inside at an assigned seat you are there and stuck there. When you're outside at a concert you walk around and see old friends and have a great time and you always make a new friend or two in the process.

The 1077 'GNA Summer Picnic Concert is this Saturday, August 25th at the Saratoga County Fairgrounds, just 3 days away. Tickets are just $20 now at WGNA.com, get your tickets here now. You can print them off and have them ready to go the moment you buy them. Tickets will be $30 the day of the show when gates open at 3pm this Saturday. Click here for the official rules for the show so you know what's ok and what's not before you come.