I have been dying to talk about what I am excited about for this years Countryfest. Now that it is announced let's start with Josh Thompson.  Josh has been in heavy rotation in my car and house for a long time now. So here are the three big songs I listen to all the time and why.

3) "Won't Be Lonely Long" I love this song just like anyone that's been through a breakup does. Nothing better then a song that totally puts you in the right state of mind to move on.



2) "Way Out Here" awesome tune that sums up what country living is all about. I don't know if I've ever been so ready to move away from people and lights as I am when this is on.



1) "Beer On The Table" if it's a weekend and me and my friends are headed out you can bet you'll hear "Beer on the table". It's like a warm up to party song. Get's me pumped to party.



There you have it friends 3 reasons I can't wait to see Josh Thompson at the Countryfest 2012! Don't forget to become a WGNA Fanatic and save $10 with the pre-sale on the April 12th!