Schenectady County is taking a really strong approach to saving the earth.  They have sent out a newsletter to fellow residents with all kinds of recycling resources. Here's just one of a SLEW of ideas - homemade gift boxes and gift wrap from "re-purposed" items.  Check it out

Credit Here's the Schenectay County website where I found the following site.  It's called

from planet website

Here's a great project for your kids to work on.  You can take  a cereal box, turning it inside out and using that as a gift box?  You can use old wallpaper for gift wrap (and it's pretty durable too).

Would I take the time to do this?  Do you want my HONEST answer?  Actually, I am starting to do this in a way.  I took a couple of Quaker Oatmeal containers and i keep my audio cables in them, so that counts, right?

I know it's impossible to do all of these things, but shouldn't we at least  think about saving the planet?  Kudos to Schenectady County for bringing this to light.