Never fails, when ever one half of a country music power couple comes to Countryfest, people wonder if the other half will be there too. When it was Faith Hill, Tricia Yearwood and even Blake Shelton last year, everyone wondered if the significant would be along for the ride. So far, no. This year will be no different , while Miranda is here entertaining the WGNA fans, her hubby will be doin a show in Arkansas. And maybe, crying.
It seems in an article in the "New York Times" Blake said it began during tapings of "The Voice". Blake told his manager, "I've got to spend some time with my wife." After his manager said that it was probably going to just get worse from here, Blake broke down a little. He said to the Times, "It was like somebody shoved a knife through my chest. It just hit me so weird that I started crying. I had to be alone for a while."

I think we have all been there at one time or another. I guess it some ways it's the price you have to pay for the kind of careers both of them are currently enjoying. I really do feel for the guy, on the few times I've got to meet Miranda she really does seem like the kinda girl you'd miss. She has so much energy and really does light up a room. Does that mean I'll feel bad when we are all rockin' out at her concert tomorrow, hell no. He will just have to wait one more day.

Seriously though, Blake is a cool dude, and I do like how during the last episode of "The voice", and in this article his sensitive side came out a little. It's a reminder that deep down we are all not that much different and we all have joy and pain to deal with. I do wonder how he will handle another problem he has, as he may not have a lot of choice. As his career is skyrocketing he said, "Do I want to be the biggest star on earth? Yeah. Am I willing to do what it takes to be that? No." I hope he always finds a great balance.

We'll miss you tomorrow Blake!