Recently there was a post on our site from our colleague, Amy, stating the highest earning artists..  Good old Taylor Swift did pretty darn well, but she was actually down the list.  Coming in at number 1?  Drumroll....

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It was hip hop artist, Dr. Dre.  According to, the good Doctor made $110 MEEELION dollars.  I don't mean this as a slam, but this was not, however solely because of his music.  He made his money from his Dr. Dre Beats headphones, which is an item we featured recently on (Sorry, I just checked and they're gone).

I happen to own a pair of these.  My son got them included in a laptop deal a couple of years ago, and he sold them to me.  I have to say, they are fantastic, especially for flying.  They cancel out alot of noise, and have awesome bass.

Hey, more power to him.  Great businessman, no doubt.  Only one complaint.   I wish that if you were put on a list of top earning musicians - your ranking should come from the music alone, don't you think?  If Toby Keith were number one on the list, I wouldn't want the money to come from all of the "I Love This Bar"establishments that he owns.  Agree?  Disagree?  Maybe there's no controversy here at all.  Maybe it's just jealosy on my part.  I apologize.