I'm still getting many more requests to write songs for towns, and it's a thrill to do it.  It's great to learn about towns that are right on our doorsteps.  Here are two requests that keep coming up in conversation - Granvile and Averill Park.  Which will it be?  It's up to you to vote, folks! Granville First there's Granville in Washington County.  I will say they have a very beautiful website.  This came from a promotional video that's on there.  I would definitely like to do something on this town if I can get more information about it.

Guilderland?  Everyone knows Guilderland, right?  Well, maybe not.  Maybe there are some longtime residents there who would have some cool information about it

Again, I'm an equal opportunity ditty writer.  I'll do either one.  Please take the poll and may the best town win to have a song written about it for the next Your Town Thursday segment.  I will read the results on Tuesday's S&R Show!