This is a new one on me, but I guess it's their choice. LaSalle Institute in Troy will have no Regency exams this year

According to an article on,  LaSalle Institute will not have Regents exams. Why?  Because they can, that's why!

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LaSalle is a private school and the State Ed Department says it's their choice.

Why did they do it?   I love this statement.  According to the Principal, Brother Carl Malacalza:

   "We didn't want to waste time for exams that don't matter," he said. "This really was done to enhance learning."


Sorry folks, but I tend to agree.  When I was a teacher, all I cared about was them passing those tests and nothing else.  There was no time to even discuss the current issues of the day ( I taught Social Studies).  And that was 30 years ago!  Between Regents and Common Core, it's just one big TestFest every year.

I'm sure some of you will agree and some won't.  That's what the comment section is for below.  Would love to know your feelings.  (Don't worry - there won't be a test on this material)