Gee - let's count all the Christmas albums that have been released since the beginning of time.  Wow.  That could boggle one's mind.  But the big question is - what is your GO TO Christmas album?  Here are a couple of choices, and then I'll give you mine, for what it's worth. 

Do you like comedy?  Well if that's your cup of tea, I've got the hands down answer.  Have you ever heard of Bob Rivers?  He was (and still might be) a radio personality and song parodist.  His CD called Twisted Christmas is to die for (and to die of from laughing so much). Extremely well produced and damn funny.

Now I'm going to be honest - I haven't heard this album in it's entirety, but from every Christmas song we've played by him on 'GNA, this HAS to be great.  Darius Rucker

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Ok, and here's my definite favorite that I put on the player every year.  He's not "country" per se, but he definitely could be.  He has roots in country (and folk and rock) and whatever.  He made a tremendous comeback with his first release in a very long time. It debuted at number one on the Billboard charts.  It's James Taylor's "Before This World".

One of the greatest, most soothing voices ever and most accomplished musician ever to pick up a guitar

But that's not his Christmas album.  This is:

Pick this up (or download or whatever).  You'll love it for sure.  Now what's YOUR's?