WGNA is helping you celebrate the holidays with a chance to win a mystery prize by playing "What's in the Christmas Box?"

All you have to do to play is check out the clues about what's in the Christmas box below. After you think you know what's in the box, correctly guess what's in the Christmas box in the form below.

Only one guess is allowed per household.


Clue #1:

This first clue is pretty easy….You’ll need to pack an overnight bag and board a plane to come and see me

Clue #2:

People from all across the country come just to see me

Clue #3

I’m only in my teenage years and yet many people want to see me and be like me

Clue #4

When I go places and when people see me I’m never alone…I’m usually surrounded by other famous people

Clue #5

I’ve been to many places though deep down I’m a west coast girl at heart

Clue #6

I’ve been told people get very emotional when they imagine being me

Clue #7

Oh I almost forgot….remember to bring some clothes you really like because when you’re with me, you may be seen by a lot of people


Simon says he created this opportunity so that you could come and see if you like me more than the other people you will see