It's common for people to think I'm early to mid-20s and I'm perfectly happy with that. My body, however, is well aware that I'm 32.

It's times like this morning when I have to question how old my body thinks I really am though. Like, waking up to a pulled muscle when I've been literally doing nothing but laying there for hours. Don't get me wrong, I'm an active girl; I go to the gym, I play softball, I'm rarely sitting still so what's the deal???

I asked my facebook friends what makes them feel old and they were quick to respond with some things I can relate all too well with.

Jenn - "The fact my 40th birthday is in a couple weeks.."


Wade - "[Getting] out of bed and go snap, crackle, pop."


Jennifer - "I have had to have knee surgery..."


Sarah - "My oldest cousins 30th birthday is today!"


Becki - "I woke up today feeling like I sprained my ankle - it was fine when I went to bed!"


Monte - "Buying shampoo once every two years."

What has happened to you that makes you feel old, let me know: