A new list from scarymommy.com has the 50 things moms miss most about their lives before they had children.

I read the list. I nodded, I laughed, I felt guilty, and sad and inspired.  So I thought I'd give my take on the top-10.

1. Sleep

Yes, it's true. I missed it even when I was pregnant and uncomfortable! But, as my kids get older, I see the light! I know that one day, they'll love to sleep all day, and that's when I can again, if I want to!

2. Money

Oh, how fond my memories are of a time when I had cash in my pockets.  I remember when I used to buy a new top without thinking "ah, I don't really need this, I should get Madelyn new shoes instead." This is something that doesn't really seem to get better as they get older... it seems to get worse.  Yikes.

3. The never-had-a-baby body

I still wonder if smoking hot celebs with nannies and trainers and chefs have the same problem as us "normal" moms.  Because, girl, pregnancy tore me up!  I'll need a team to help put me back together, too!

4. Having the freedom to make plans at the spur of the moment. Spontaneity.

Oh man!  I miss my freedom!  I love my kids, but I really have given up so many opportunities because I didn't have a sitter, or I chose to spend time with them instead! Plus, sometimes you just need to sneak away, and with kids, you can't.

5. Sleep

No explanation needed.

6. Going to the bathroom alone

Every living being in my home comes into the bathroom when I'm in there.  Husband, daughter, son, dog, hell, I even saw the fish try to flop under the door the other day!

7. Lack of mom guilt

I lose sleep over my guilt. Working while having kids is one of the hardest things I have ever done. My husband is amazing! I would be nothing without him. He understands the "mom guilt" thing (lucky for him, he doesn't have any) and does what he can to help.

8. Personal space that doesn’t involve people touching, tugging, and crawling all over you

They climb, they, kick, they punch and pull! Arggggg. But, they also kiss, and hug, and smooch and cuddle, and I try to remind myself constantly that one day they won't want anything to do with me. So, I let them climb, most of the time.

9. Holding linear, coherent, uninterrupted conversations with other adults

God bless the moms who are home with their babies all day every day. They are wonderful, perfect women, and they deserve trophies for going weeks sometimes without having "grown-up talk!"

10. Sleep.  Yep.

You should read the entire list at scarymommy.com, it's great!

What are some things that you miss about not being a mommy?

Better yet, what are your favorite things about being a mommy?