It's what you do if you are not going to be home on Halloween. You leave a bowl of candy out. In this case, it didn't work out.

According to News 10, Tiffany Frederick of Watervliet found out the hard way the honor system is not alive and well when her surveillance camera's caught a mom dumping her whole bowl of candy into some trick or treater's bags. Check out the News 10 story below:

If am being completely honest, I have done this before. But I also think I was 12 years old when I did! And I tell you what, if my mom was there - she would have set me straight, I would have returned the candy, and probably would have had to write an official letter of apology. She would have set the example that what i did was wrong.

So kudos to Tiffany for making a big deal out of this. We need more people like her pointing out wrong from right, even when it is something like a bowl of candy.