This is the Tech Talk Office Edition.  All articles today relate to all of you fellow cubicle dwellers.  Office 365 is very interesting in case you've never experienced it.  Read on,  business world warriors....

Office 365 is a fairly new offering from the fine folks at Microsoft.  You've heard of soft, puffy clouds? This is the new thing – software in the cloud.
The new Microsoft office is all online. Basically you are renting the software which sounds pretty negative.  However, think of the positives – nothing to update, all of your work can be accessed from almost any device, all the convenience and none of the hassles.
You get a whole suite of programs including Word, Outlook, Excel and even Publisher.  
It costs $99.00 a year and you can download it to 5 computers plus devices!   Here's a video explanation from Microsoft
If you purchase the actual Office 2013 in a box, you can only use it on one machine, so this is a huge advantage as well .
                            Offend Someone Online in Grenada?  Go Directly To Jail
According to the Associated Press, ithey just approved a bill in Grenada that makes it a crime to offend anyone on Facebook or Twitter.  It's the first of it's kind in the Caribbean islands.  If a judge calls what you say insulting or offensive, you could possibly get a $37,000 fine and go to jail for 3 years.  If you distribute child pornography  $111,000 fine.
Say you don't like your typestyles and you want to fancy up a report or brochure
Here's some free fonts from  Please try at your own risk though.  I haven't attempted downloading them myself.      OK folks.  You have the tools now - get back to work (or work at home with your handy, dandy Office 365