When you are in your twenties and a month away from getting married life is just so in the moment. You are caught up in young love and planning a wedding and a life together, not taking even  a moment to really think about the life long commitment you are about to make. It's hard to even imagine, but with the help of some make up experts this couple gets to experience 70 years of aging together in one afternoon.

In this video produced by "Field Day" a young couple gets to see themselves at 50 , 70 and 90 years old. We get to take that lifelong journey with them and I have to tell you it's pretty special. I can actually see these two making the realization that they are about to make a life long commitment to each other and I think seeing their faces grow older helps them to truly understand not just what their partner will look like but also how they will feel about how they look.  Perhaps it even gives then perspective on not how long a life can be but how amazingly short it can be as well.

SO take a minute and watch this couple fall in love over and over and tell me if you don't agree that they are an adorable couple in their 90's. I hope they make it! Together.