Oh man!  I had to get up at 4am AGAIN to do this morning show?    (Whoops- where's the delete key? -I just complained.  That's not good.  And it's not good for you either..

Hey - everyone complains a little bit when the boss isn't around.  I think it's human nature to a degree.  But according to Time.com, there's a leadership coach that warns people to get out of those habits that will "stop you from being creative"


Coach Rick Tamlyn, the author of Play Your Bigger Game (2013),  explains that if you track your nasty outbursts or even your private thoughts and compare it to the positive ones, you will can see the ratio and make adjustments.  I would think this would apply to home.  I'll have to try it (although knowing me, I know how the ratio would play out - I'd be 10 to one negative to positive.  I guess I have to work on that, but I hate working on any personal traits.  It takes so much time… (whoops- that's negative)

Photo by Richie Phillips

Ok, I'm done typing.  I've got too much to do today than spend all morning writing a stupid  story about negativity.  (OMG - I really have some work to do..)