This one might need a little explaining, and I don't really think it takes rocket science to figure out, but this was a study that was done and I thought I'd pass it along. and NBC news mentioned a study recently.  They said that if one person in a marriage r drinks heavily and the other person doesn't drink hardly at all, it could be cause for problems. However If both members of the relationship either drink a lot or abstain (or maybe drink socially), they have a much better chance of staying together.

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It's really less about the drinking and more about just doing things together I guess.  But then again you could say that about a lot of things. If one person likes to travel and the other one hates it that could raise a flag. If one person really likes sports and watches TV every nite and the other person can't stand it, same thing.

So why did I bring up the study at all? Because it's just before New Year's and it's a slow news week.   Here's to a great 2014.  Let's raise your glasses to a long and happy marriage to you and yours..  Drink u!  (or don't!)

Oh, by the way, if you are getting married, you might possibly be looking for fun entertainment.  Gee, I wonder where you can find that?