You might wonder if this is legal, but I guess it is.  A candidate for public office in Somewhere, USA wanted people to remember his website.  What's the best way to do it?  Make your website name your LEGAL name.  Genius!

Actually, he's an independent candidate for the House of Representatives.  His name is Eddie.  He did something that has to be one of the most ingenius things I've ever seen.  Here's the explanation from MoxNews. com via YouTube

I love it, don't you?  Actually I was thinking of changing my name to Sean & but that might just creep Sean out, so I dropped the idea. 

If you could change your name to something that people would remember, what would it be?  Would love to hear your thoughts.  And furthermore, would you vote for someone like this, or would you stay away thinking that he's a little too "out there" to represent you in Congress?  Would love to know in the comment section, but I personally love it.  Nice work, Eddie (uhhh, I mean Mr Dot Com)