Shelley Salon and Day Spa
was founded in 2006 by Shelley Hutchinson. They are unique because unlike almost every other salon and day spa their stylists, estheticians, nail technicians and massage therapists are employees of the salon. They do not rent booths to independent contractors. This employment structure creates and encourages a team concept that puts the client first. Shelley personally trains all new hires to ensure that they understand and practice the team first philosophy, whether they are coming from another salon or just graduated from school. This is the first step in making them a solid and cohesive team. All the stylists are required to complete hours of continuing education every year. When the training is complete the stylist will come back to the salon and share the information with the rest of the team. This helps ensure that everyone is cross-trained and current on the newest techniques and products. It also helps their clients; if their preferred stylists is out on unavailable due to maternity/sickness or scheduling differences, then another stylist can step in and take care of them. While the majority of their clients do have their “preferred stylist”, there are many clients that ”chair hop”. We make this possible by working together and keeping an open line of communication between all the stylists and all the clients. Everyone knows everyone.


  • Haircut & Style: Haircut, Shampoo Blow-Dry Set, Neck Trim, Beard Trim, Bang Trim, Flat Iron Finish, Thermal Ionic Straightening, Retouch, Brazilian Keratin Smoothing, Perm, Rod to Roller Transfer, Standard Perm, Temporary Keratin Smoothing
  • Color: Standard Full Head Foil, Standard Half Head Foil, Standard Top Head Foil, Non-Amonia Retouch Only, Retouch Only, Color Balance, T-Zone Color Only


  • Manicure: Regular Manicure, Gel Manicure, Polish Change, Paraffin, French, Nail Art (per nail)
  • Pedicure: Medi-Pedicure, Regular Pedicure, Mini-Pedicure, Gel Pedicure, Polish Change, Paraffin


  • Facial: Facial w/ Microderm Abrasion, Mini-Facial w/ Microderm Abrasion, Anti-Aging Facial, Oxygen Treatment, Acne Facial, Classic Facial, Back Facial, Mini-Facial, Chemical Peels, Enzyme Peels
  • Massage: Hot Stone Massage, One and One Half Hour, One Hour Massage, 30 Minute Massage
  • Waxing: Full Leg, Back, Arm, Bikini, Half Leg, Underarm, Brow, Lip

Questions for the Beauty and Wellness Expert:

  • Why is box color from the supermarket bad for my hair?
  • Should I shampoo and condition my hair everyday?
  • What is the difference between store bought shampoo and the shampoo my salon sells?
  • I am trying to grow my hair longer, do I still need to get it trimmed regularly?

Led By: Shelley Hutchinson

Their team of skillfully-trained professionals provide multiple services customized to the

specific needs and wants to each client. They are committed to providing an atmosphere that is comfortable and relaxing, yet conducive to performing services of the highest quality.

Voted by the readers of Capital Region Living Magazine as the Best New Salon in 2007.

Hair Care Tips:

Always condition your hair if it’s prone to breakage. Conditioning is the best way to give your hair the nourishment it needs to stay strong.

Use detangling spray and a wide-tooth comb on damp hair—wet hair is more delicate.

If your hair is especially delicate, sleep on a satin pillowcase. Satin won’t snag your hair or cause friction like cotton, which can rough up the cuticle of extremely fine hair.

Don’t use elastics that have metal clasps on them. Always tie up your hair with covered, snag-free elastics.

Try not to sleep with your hair tied back. Leave your hair down as often as possible at night to prevent breakage.

Always use products specifically designed for color-treated hair. Only color-safe products have the technology to help you protect your color and keep it vibrant and fresh.

After you have your hair colored, wait 24 hours before you shampoo. This will allow the color to adhere to the natural fibers of the hair.

Never go swimming without protecting your color. Before going into a pool or the ocean, apply a leave-in conditioner on damp hair to prevent the chemicals and salt from stripping your color.

Don’t go to a tanning bed or sit in the sun without covering your hair. The UV rays will react with your color and may alter it or cause it to fade, so cover your hair with a scarf or hat.


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