Who hasn't secretly pretended to be a fashion model in the privacy of their own home?  Oh really?  It's just me?

Oh, well, anyway, I have always wondered what it would be like to be America's Next Top Model!  And now I'm gonna find out!  And the best part?  It's all for a really good cause!

You see, I'm going to be walking the Catwalk for Kidneys!  To raise money to benefit the Northeast Kidney Foundation!

October 16, 2016 at the Holiday Inn Saratoga Springs

Besides fulfilling my dreams of being Tyra Banks or Kyle Jenner, I'm doing this for a very serious reason.

More than 26 million Americans are affected and one out of every three of us are at risk for developing it!

By supporting me in this event you are helping local programs and services including grants that assist with medical, nutrition and housing needs for patients and families right here in the Capital Region!

Please consider making a donation!  CLICK HERE

If you purchase a ticket to watch me walk the Catwalk, not only does your ticket purchase count as a donation, it will also help me reach my goal!

To purchase a ticket to the fashion show, CLICK HERE! (Make sure you mention me in the memo section!)

Together we can make a difference!  Let's rally and support this great cause!

Here's a photo of me dreaming of being a model someday -

Photo: Bethany's mom (Bethany was practicing her modeling early on)