Remember when Blake stopped doing love scenes in his videos out of respect for Miranda?  Well, that didn't quite work out, now did it.

Craig Campbell's wife has an entirely different idea.

Not only does he kiss the actresses in his videos . . . but his wife encourages him to be a more convincing lover while doing it.

He say in a recent interview,

 "She's actually a really good coach.  She's one of those that wants me to make it believable, you know, so she's back there telling me, 'Act like you love her.'"

This came up as he was talking about the video for his new song, "Tomorrow Tonight".

Craig has mentioned how supportive she is before.  He once described how his wife was "cheering him on" during the filming of his "Outta My Head" video.

Well, I thought all of this was rather interesting, so I posted a question on our Facebook page, (like I do every weekday) and asked our listeners if they would like their spouse doing convincing scenes with other people.

I paraphrased a bit... and this happened -

Craig Campbell's wife wants him to really sell his love scenes in his music videos! Would you be okay with your partner doing love scenes with someone else?

Posted by Country 107.7 WGNA FM on Friday, July 31, 2015

Notice one of the main commenters??  It's Mindy! Craig's actual real-life wife! Yikes! Who knew she would comment on little ole 'GNA's Facebook page!

Craig Campbell is one my favorite artists! He was one of our favorite "Secret Stars" at Proctors in Schenectady, and he was absolutely amazing at #WGNACountryfest just last month!

And, fun fact, Craig was my first ever radio interview and I told him before how nervous I was and he was so super sweet and nice about it!

Here's a pic from that day -

So of course I would never want to tick his beautiful wife off!  But you know me, I do like to stir it up a bit!

I give Mindy so much credit!  There's no way in hell my husband would come close to another woman!

So, all the credit in the world goes to Mindy for supporting her hubby's career!  And for being a stronger girl than me!  'Cause I couldn't handle it!

My apologies for starting trouble Mindy!  You rock, and so does your handsome husband!

Craig Campbell at Countryfest 2015. Credit: Ariana Sheehan