I can't even believe this video! I am telling you , I am furious as I am typing these words to you. What in the world is wrong with people these days?

Stock Photo, Getty Images

I don't have to tell you that you NEVER , pass a school bus when it's lights are flashing. I know that most of us know that it is illegal and very dangerous, yet there are always some that think that they can do whatever they want, especially if they are in a hurry.

I really don't know what the reason this driver had for doing what he did but I am sure there just isn't a good one.  Minnesota State Police will find out what was going through this truck driver's head though as he has turned himself in to authorities after they posted this video with hopes of tracking him down.

If you watch the video they released it shows 7th grader, Alexis Schwartz almost getting mowed down by this crazy tractor trailer driver as he rockets between her and the school bus as she is about to get on. It seems that she wasn't hurt but one second later and the results could have been horrific.

According to news station KSTP, Alexis said, "It came out of nowhere and tried to hurt me, dust kicked up on me, I had to step back, that freaked me out and made my heart go crazy." I can't even imagine how she felt at that moment.

Check out this video from KSTP of the view from inside the bus: