Trisha Yearwood was born in Monticello, Georgia. In School she was a straight A student, along with her sister Beth. She actually didn’t go to college to study music. Trisha had a strong interest to become an accountant. After attending a few different colleges, she ended up at Belmont University in Nashville. This is the school where she majored in a music business program. She ended up earning her Bachelor’s Degree in business administration.

She became a full time employee of MTM Records, where she utilized the record label’s resources, which is how she recorded her demo tapes. It was there that she sang background vocals for one very special person in her life – Garth Brooks, her husband. In addition to her music, she’s starred in a couple of tv shows, including Jag. She has also written a couple of cook books, too. Since it’s her birthday, let’s take a look and listen to her first big hit, “She’s In Love With the Boy.”

With a string of hits under her belt, I’d like to wish Scott Blaine’s favorite female country singer Trisha Yearwood a very happy birthday.