I've learned so much from our "Daily Dilemma" segments that we do on our show.  Recently someone told the story of how her boyfriend will never admit that they are actually "dating" or "an item" as people used to say.

Well, I decided to do a little bit of research on this issue in case this is YOUR dilemma. According to an article at Glamor.com , there are definite signs.  I'll give you a couple and then you can read on if you wish.

  1. . You’re all over each other in public, all the time.
  2. . It’s been six months and you haven’t slept with or been on a date with anyone else.
  3. .You do everything together that you would imagine doing with someone you were dating.
  4. .You finish each other’s sentences, and eat off each other’s plates.
  5. . Everyone already knows anyway.

Now if you'd like to hear the actual letter that spurred this conversation, you can go to Sean's daily dilemma blog. You'll also hear some of the calls from you, our awesome listeners, who never fail to keep us entertained (I thought it was supposed to be the other way around?)