If you missed this show - trust me - you missed a doozy! (Do they still say "doozy"? Well, if not, I'm bringing the word back, 'cuz that's the best way to describe it

I was going nuts with my little video camera.  I got some of these from up on the balcony, and a few from the wings of the stage after we introduced.  First the collage, and then my Top 5 --

photo by Richie Phillips

    And now for the Top 5 Reasons To Go To The Next One on April 22nd at Proctors Theatre...

5. Can you say "dirt cheap" 3 times fast?

4. Finally, a concert where you actually don't experience "Earmaggeddon"

3. Big stars in an extremely intimate setting ( you know what I mean - get your minds out of the gutter)

2. Did I mention "cheap"?

And the #1 reason to go to the next Secret Star Concert?

(I can't tell you --it's a secret!  So secret, that I don't even know!)