Poor afternoon WGNA personality Jake Thomas.  As former President Bill Clinton would say, "I feel his pain".  In one of Jake's recent blogs he was lamenting over the fact it was the beginning of lawn mowing season.  He was looking to purchase a riding mower.  Dumb move, Jake.  Takes up too much room in the garage.  Plus, you have to go out there and actually sit on it.  There's a better way--AUTOMOWER!Wow! It's the Jetson's all over again!  There's a company called Husqvarna that makes the product. It's solar powered.  And it costs 2000 British pounds, or about $3400!  Kind of reminds me of the I-Robot vacuum cleaner.  Just set it on the lawn and you can continue to do more important things, like playing Angry Birds.

Here's a review of it from MegaWhat.TV:

And from what I understand, there's also a way that you can control it from your Iphone!

So Jake, take heart, buddy!  Why don't we see if we can get a pair of them?  Maybe they'll give us a multi-purchase discount.  And then what?  The heck with Angry Birds.  We can golf!  (although I wish they came out with AUTO GOLF!  That's the only way I'll be good at THAT sport!)

What chore would YOU like to have done automatically?  Maybe we can all invent something and then go on SHARK TANK and get Jeff Foxworthy or that bald guy to back us!