Here's today's "tip"-beware of a woman scorned.  Especially a woman who's a hard working waitress that just got short changed on a well deserved gratuity!

The scene?  A bar somewhere in Seattle.  The bartender?  One Victoria Liss.  Here's the situation.  Well, I won't make you read it.  Here's a video from YouTube


This is rather disturbing, don't you think?  We don't know the whole story for one thing.   Maybe she was a great bartender and this guy was a total jerk.  Maybe she was a terrible bartender and deserved to get the "0" tip.  In either case, however, the comment at the bottom was totally uncalled for, obviously.

And we're all forgetting the power of social media.  Wow!  We love it here at the station.  We can keep in contact with you, find out what's on your mind etc.  But you forget how, in the wrong hands, it can bring someone down in an instant!  I don't think that was Mr. Zuckerberg's original intent, do you?