Lawmakers need to consider this when ruling on allowing Uber to upstate NY: a new study has found that when Uber comes in to a new city, the number of fatal crashes & DUI's goes down!Vocativ recently conducted a study in 150 cities, comparing the number of crashes pre and post Uber. And the results basically are the best case for having Uber finally come to the Capital Region.

According to the studiy, one month after Uber arrives in a city fatal crashes typically drop by 62%! Wow! It also found DUI's go down 18%.For whatevers reason, people choose to use Uber when they are drunk or tired.

I think they use it because it is amazingly convenient! If you have used Uber in New York City, you know how much easier is it to pull up the app and have a car pick you up.

It's simple: Uber leads to fewer people driving when they should not be. Lamakers, lets git 'er done!