Yes, you read that right.  And he's making $10,000 a month doing it on his website.  They're selling like, uh, hot potatoes.  "Merica! 

Alex Craig had a brainstorm.  He pitched it to his girlfriend. I would have loved to have seen her expression.  I wonder if Dorrie would have thrown potatoes right at my head if this were my bright idea?  (Maybe not if I walked into the kitchen with 10 grand).

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Anyway, this was how PotatoParcel was born.  Stop laughing.  I'm serious.  For $8-$10 he will write a custom message on a potato with "a Pilot G210 retractable rollerball pen" and mail it to whomever, and anonymously to boot.

Could this be the 2015 version of the Pet Rock?  Remember that?  Alex's version has sold more than 2,000 so far.  So much for your laughter.  I guess he promoted these taters on Reddit, and according to him, he will forever be known as:

The first man in history who figured out how to make Reddit profitable."


Should I order a potato from this guy just to see what it looks like?  Let me know, I'm game.