Interesting stuff this week in the tekkie world, so let's get to it, shall we?  It's Tech Talk, Tech Talk, time to talk Tech! 

photo by Richie Phillips
Third Party iPhone Cable Warning, 
If you own a new iPhone and notice that you can't charge the darn thing, that's because if you have a 3rd party charging cable and your phone has  the new operating system-IOS 7, it blocks some of the non certified ones from working!!!  According to 9 to 5 mac, this is no lie.
                    Watch out Hollywood - here Comes
I know you may be saying to yourself "What kind of medication is Richie on?"  What does Amazon have to do with Hollywood?  Get this!
First they went after Netflix! and now according to Cnet?com! I guess they are making a play to produce their own content.  They already have a sitcom out called "Those Who Can't", and now they have Amazon Studios which will be dedicated to bigger video projects.
What's really interesting here is that people can comment about what they are watching in real time. This way it's like an instant rating system for them.  OMG - the changes that are happening in media are astounding, aren't they?
                                         Send a card right from your phone!  
Once you get the phone fixed for hundred and $49, then you're free to send out a greeting card to somebody right from the device.
JustWink Greeting Cards offers that service.  They have Thanksgiving and other holiday cards in stock.  This is from American Greetings. 
There ya go - this week's Tech Talk.  Have a great Thanksgiving.