How exciting is this?  Zac Brown is coming to town.  (Better watch out, better not cry).  This got my curiosity going.  I wanted to know all I could about the guy.  Here's a few factoids for you.

According to, here are some facts you may not know about the guy in the knit cap.

1.  Zac is the 11th of 14 children

2. He started playing guitar at 6 years old (See kids? It doesn't happen overnite!)


3. He quit college on 9/11/2001 - saying basically that life is precious and you better do what you like.

4. The big hit "Chicken Fried"  was actually recorded in 2003, and then redone and released to radio in 2008.


5. Zack and the band has actually gotten over 50 Grammy, ACM, CMA and CMT award nominations, and that's only since 2009

What an amazing career, and we'll get a chance to see them really soon, as in June 1st at SPAC.  Get those tickets and see more of history being made with Zac's first Capital Region stop.