Vending machines can be the handiest tool for a quick snack or something to drink, but it’s not always a good choice for children. There’s a high tech solution to that problem coming soon. According to a story from USA Today, they’re vending machines that use a special camera to scan the person that’s buying something, and be able to tell if it’s an adult or a child. In addition to the age detection, if the product is meant for an adult, it will actually tell the child to step away, and then shut itself down.

Kraft Foods will be selling their “Temptations” desserts by Jello in these machines. These desserts are not for kids. If these machines work properly, this definitely will change who will be able to use a vending machine.

This reminds me of the old cereal commercials - "Trix are for kids." (But the vending machine isn't)

I can see a Saturday Night Live spoof coming out of this one.

Do you think the new vending machines are a good idea?