We started going through this syndrome a few years ago.  Our son Ben is now a senior in college.  Every time he leaves, we feel the pain.  There are some positives , to be honest, but not many.  Are you going through it?

This was the day that Ben got accepted to Plattsburgh 3 years ago.  He is now a senior.  I'm still in a complete state of shock over it.  So many feelings....

Here's a parody about it - with explanation below if you care to read.

Every time he goes back to school we have that same weird feeling all over again.  The house is a little more "echoey" or something.  Even though he's hardly home when he's home,  he's at least at home (boy that was a weird sentence) .

I only write this to warn you parents who are about to go through this rather painful transformation that it can be just that - painful.    OK, there are positives.  That second TV that you have can now be used for YOUR favorite shows to watch instead of his.  You guys will be able to find all of your belts and socks again.  And whenever you need to re energize  your phone, the charger will be right where you put it last.  But these little bright positives are few and far between. It's still a discomforting feeling, fer sure.

I channeled an old Rolling Stones song for this little parody:  "Mother's Little Helper".  I know - this shows my age, but then again, so does becoming an empty nester, so why try to hide it?

Are you going through the same thing?  How are you keeping YOUR sanity?  Would love to know below in the comment section.