I'm a huge fan of impressionists.  The old ones were great like Rich Little and David Frye.  But there are some awesome new ones out there too, including Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey, and this guy, Jay Pharoah.  Watch as she does a dead-on impression of POTUS

This is a hysterical skit about Obamacare, but I actually didn't care what the routine was about. I was just mesmerized by how well Jay Pharoah  impersonated Obama, right down to the pursed lips when he spoke.  What more can I say?  The proof is in the video.  Check this out via YouTube

Un - freeking - believable, huh?  I could watch that over and over, couldn't you?  BTW. frpm what I understand, he was discovered on YouTube.  He could be the next Eddie Murphy (who did some great stuff himself) -  He's included in this Top 10 SNL Sketches montage-also from YouTube

Who do YOU think is the greatest impressionist of all time?  Would love to know.