Happy Birthday to the Compact Disc! The first CD to go on sale to the general public was Billy Joel's "42nd Street" back on October 1st, 1982.  Since it was new technology, CD players were quite expensive back then but eventually became the norm for many years later. These days, many people download music more than ever. In 2011, digital sales surpassed physical album sales for the first time ever. I myself am still a little old fashioned. I actually have 2 MP3 players, that are still in their boxes. I enjoy buying the physical CD. I guess I like to have the liner notes, lyrics and all that. I personally think it just sounds better on a disc. I went out just the other day as a matter of fact an bought the latest discs from Lee Brice, Big & Rich and rock band Halestorm. I have a mini FYE in my apartment with all the discs and it might actually be easier just to download music and save space, but that's just me.

So how do you purchase your music? Are you a little ol' fashioned like me?  Take the poll below and let me know your opinion.