The Albany area saw many great concerts in 2011. Whether it was a small venue or a large one, there was plenty of country music being seen and heard all year long. I was at a number of shows and I can't really say which show was the best. I loved seeing Miranda Lambert rock the stage at Countryfest. It was fun watching Keith Urban break out one of his many guitar solos at the Times Union Center. It was also great to have a chance to sing "Piano Man" with Phil Vassar while Richie Phillips played the piano at the Taste Of Country BBQ, but that makes it great for me and I know it was a huge thrill for Richie, not so sure about all you!

So here's the question for all of you, What was the Best Country Concert of 2011. Take this poll and let me know. I will keep this up til midnite on New Years Eve. So Vote for your favorite show to hit the Capital Region this year!