What do The Rolling Stones and The Beatles have to do with this?

Their first hit was "Hip To My Heart" (about a year ago), and their recent release is "You Lie". They are the Band Perry. If you didn't know, they're a family band with siblings, Kimberly and brothers Reid and Neil Perry. (Check out their pictures in the gallery above)

Recently, they took one of those "In Your Own Words" questionnaires, and they had to answer with the first thing on their minds. Some of those were: "What was your first gig?-In our living room. Our grandmother Betty Lou Loved it'." What would be the title of your autobiography?-We're The Band Perry and We Play Country Music". (now here's where The Rolling Stones come in) "Who are you musical heroes?-The Rolling Stones and Loretta Lynn." (and now for The Beatles) "What song do you wish you had written?-"Let It Be".

In fact, VEVO gives us more info. about The Band Perry from The Band Perry, including what songs Kimberly's dad would sing to her when he was rocking her to sleep, she was a little girl. (Here's a hint: It's not any lullaby).

By the way, congratulations to The Band Perry. the news From Taste Of Country, they've been nominated for "Top New Artist" at the 46th annual ACM  Awards in Las Vegas on April 3.