Tinder has released the top careers for men and women for getting a right swipe.

Tinder has listed their most swiped jobs for men and women. I need to say now I think this study is a complete waste of time. No one is swiping right on Tinder because of a sexy career. Unless you are a model (Which made the men & women's lists) or radio personality (One I hoped was on the list, and is - yay!). But, I do still think this is fun to  read...so here they are!

Tinder's top careers for guys include:

1. Pilot
2. Founder/Entrepreneur
3. Firefighter (Not a shocker.)
4. Doctor
5. TV/Radio Personality (Yeahh!!!!!)
6. Teacher
7. Engineer
8. Model (Does this really need to be listed?)
9. Paramedic
10. College Student
11. Lawyer
12. Personal Trainer  (Again, does this really need to be listed?)
13. Financial Advisor
14. Police Officer
15. Military

And the ladies...

1. Physical Therapist
2. Interior Designer
3. Founder/Entrepreneur
4. PR/Communications
5. Teacher
6. College student (This is not a job. Though I did try to make it my career.)
7. Speech Language Pathologist
8. Pharmacist
9. Social Media Manager
10. Model (And again...)
11. Dental Hygienist
12. Nurse
13. Flight Attendant
14. Personal Trainer
15. Real Estate Agent