I'm sure you've been warned to make sure that you think about what you put on your Facebook page.  Potential employers may be watching.  In fact it could stay on your record for years!

Did you know that there is a background check company that just got approval from the Federal Trade Commission which means that everything you've posted could now be scrutinized when considering you for a job?  The company is called the Social Intelligence Corporation (which is creepy in itself).    And they can now look at your Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and other internet accounts and keep their findings on file for 7 YEARS!


The CEO of the company did offer this explanation, ACCORDING TO FORBES.COM.

While we store information for up to seven years we do not “reuse” that information for new reports.  Per our policies and obligations under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, we run new reports on applicants on each new search  to ensure the most accurate and up-to-date information is utilized, and we store the information to maintain a verifiable chain-of-custody in-case the information is ever needed for legal reasons

Well, that may be so, but it sure should be a word to the wise, especially teenagers. (Who am I kidding? Adults do it too.  Ever heard of Anthony Weiner?)   Heck, it even happens to teachers according to an article at Cynical-c.com.

Times are tough right now.  You want to make sure that you have as good of a chance at landing that next job as you can.  Try to think like a very conservative employer, and go back into your Facebook or Twitter account and do a little role playing.  If there's even a question, take the picture off!  Remove that profanity.   Don't take chances with your future!