There are many that are asking this question.  Where the heck IS Hunter Mountain?  It sounds like it's a day trip from the Albany area! 

Heck no!  Check this out from Google Maps:

Google Maps

Just a little over an hour from Albany.  That's it!  it's a fairly straight run too. There's also  a very nice website called Hunter that gives you some more specifics.  But even better yet, you're never gonna believe this, but someone at Townsquare came up with ....wait for APP!   It's free for iPhone and Android, and it gives you everything, including the lineup, food available, crafts - you can even buy tickets on it!

from website


There ya go.  No excuses.  Easy to get to, and easy to find more information about.  What are you waiting for?  3 days of incredible country music coming your way from Townsquare and 'GNA.