CDC Posts About Zombies- It’s Happening!
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has finally published survival guidelines in case of the impending zombie apocalypse, complete with blogs, posters and a graphic novella.
Zombies Will Infest Petco Parck In San Diego This July
Clearly the Zombie phenomenon isn't going anywhere. July 12th thru the 14th "The Walking Dead Escape" will invade the home of the San Diego Padres, Petco Park. Coincidentally this is the same time Comic Con 2012 will be at the near by San Diego Convention Center.
Filming of Season 2 of The Walking Dead Has Begun – [VIDEO]
I admit I am a little obsessed with zombies. I've seen almost every cheesy terrible B horror movie starring the undead. So imagine my surprise when the BEST zombie flick I've ever seen is a TV show on AMC! I love everything about season one of "The Walking Dead"...
No Shortage Of Zombies On Youtube
I was bored tonight looking through up coming movie news and I stumbled across the weirdest web series in a long time. It's called 'Bite Me'. The premise is what would happen if the "Zombie Apocalypse" happened to a group of gamers? A "gamer" if you don't know is anyone obsessed …